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7 Tips for picking a cleaning company.

GTA office cleaning, toronto office cleaners janitorial, ontario clean cleaner

7 Tips for picking a Toronto cleaning company

Ask for referrals or testimonials.

toronto cleaning gta cleaners ontario janitorial cleaner home cleaningDon't be shy to ask. The cleaning business is very relationship-oriented. A good company should be glad to provide you with quotes from happy customers. And if they refuse, you should take this as a sign of inexperience or poor service.

Avoid lower-priced companies

While picking a cleaning service for your home or office, you'll quickly notice how difficult and time consuming the process can be. Once you've made your choice, it can be difficult to switch. That's why it's important to get it right the first time.

Some companies will offer lower pricing at first, then sell off your business to another company. Also, some inexperienced or lower-quality companies will often offer lower pricing to get their foot in the door.

As with anything else, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, the cheapest cleaning service can also be the most expensive.

Check Google

Getting listed highly on Google can be difficult. When a company has a high ranking for come competitive keywords, it's usually an indicator that they've invested some time and effort into their brand, and that they intend to be here for the long haul. Here's a quick list of search terms werecommend:

Meet them in person

It may seem like a hassle, but we strongly encourage that you take the time to meet your prospective cleaning professionals in person. This will give you a good sense of their confidence, competence and professionalism. After all, a cleaning service shouldn't just "look good" on paper. It should also "feel right" in your gut.

Make sure they're bonded and insured

This is a given. Only work with companies that treat your business seriously.

Any company that places value on their name will back up their service with the proper protective measures. Don't just ask if they're bonded. Ask for proof. Ask to see their papers. Anyone who refuses is probably lying.

Stay away from big names

Rather than building a reputation through relationships, some companies will opt to pay for marketing. Many large firms don't perform their own cleaning, and have no means of ensuring service quality. Instead, they make their money by selling franchises and contracts to new entrepreneurs. You want a company that has its own employees, and performs their own work... not a franchise.

Avoid fly-by-nighters

How long have they been around?

Commercial cleaning is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Low barriers to entry mean that anyone can start a company with minimal investment. Unfortunately, many of these smaller shops tend to shut down when they realize how difficult it actually is to provide quality service while staying profitable.

Nothing's worse than being stuck because your cleaning company suddenly decided to go out of business without telling you.

GTA office cleaning, toronto office cleaners janitorial, ontario clean cleaner

We certainly hope that this Toronto cleaning checklist will help you in selecting your Toronto janitorial, commercial cleaning or office cleaning company. For the best commercial cleaners in Ontario and the GTA, make sure to check out our main Ontario cleaning web site and get the best janitors for your Ontario janitorial needs.